The Child Bride Issue

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The society we live in has experienced many different factors of part of life. Inequality, war and peace were the most important part that has shaped our society. One issue we as a society still have not resolved is the child bride issue in India, Middle Eastern and parts of Africa. This article has focused on a story of a 15 year old Nimmu who is from a rural village in northern India. She was given as a bride to a guy since she was 10 years old. In their culture, although girls are given as a bride at a very young age, they don’t move to their in-laws house until they are typically fifteen years old. Today, Nimmu is 15 years old and is now her time to move to her in-laws house. However, one thing is keeping her from moving and that is her…show more content…
This is because a woman has the power to influence anyone and so, I believe this problems should concern everyone in the world. We can’t condemn that a country is advanced when this type of issue is still existing. We as a society should be able to fight this problem by enforcing a stricter laws. I believe this is also one of the causes why women are robbed of their right to be educated. This is no paradox because many girls around the world are not getting the proper education they deserve. Advocates such as Malala are one of the most influential people at this time and we a as a society should support her organization and dream. Everyone is born with a civil right. The norms of society shouldn’t hold a person back and so, we all have to work together in order to make this issue nonexistent. Powerful countries can have an immense amount of influence in these countries such problems are occurring. One way could be donating school supplies to these girls so that financial problems wouldn’t be a reason for them to get married. This issue is morally wrong and it shouldn’t have been an issue we should talk about at this time because it should have been prevented decades ago. I believe one way we as an individual can help prevent this issue from occurring again could be by educating people. Educating parents on the importance of educating women and how much they contribute to the world will also help prevent this issue from happening
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