The Chicago Bulls under Phil Jackson

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It was game six in the 1993 NBA finals the Bulls had a 3-2 lead over the Phoenix Suns in the series. The Suns led in the 4th quarter with 3.6 seconds left; Chicago’s John Praxon hit the last second three winning the game 99-98 and winning the finals for a third time in a row (year by year).. The Bulls have won six championships in eight seasons. They won three, then did not make it the next two seasons and then won the next three. The bulls are the best team in NBA history because they had Michael Jordan. (year by year).
In the 90-91 season, Phil Jackson’s coaching philosophies began bringing unexpected results. The Bulls had the most creative offensive force in the history of the game in Jordan; they also stressed defense and team work. With their creative player they lost the first three games then never lost more than two in a row after that. In February, they won eleven games, lost one then won nine more which put them at a record of 50-15(year by year). In the 1991 finals, the matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers was a game of the best two teams in NBA history. The Lakers won the first game by a last second three point shot by Sam Perking. After losing the first game, the Bulls won four games in a row, therefore, making them the 1991 NBA champions. (year by year).
In 1992, the Bulls came roaring back after winning the finals in 1991. They dominated throughout the year and threatened the league’s record before finishing 67-15(year by year). In the finals, the Bulls played a very tough Portland team. They lost the first two games then won four more. In game six of the finals, the Portland Trailblazers had a were winning by ten points, then the bulls had the largest come back in NBA history with a 14-2 run winn...

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...992. Jordan’s twenty-eight points gave the Bulls the 88-82 victory taking them back to the finals to play the Jazz once again. The Bulls had the home court advantage in game one; they won the first lost, the second then won the third and fourth. The series went back to Salt Lake City, and the Jazz won two more there making it 3-3. In game six, Michael Jordan had his finest performance ever. Scottie Pippen was reduced to limited play because of back pain, so Jordan had the weight of the finals on his shoulders. In the final minute, the Bulls were down by one point when Jordan stole the ball and made the winning jumper with 5.3 seconds left giving them their sixth and final championship (year by year).
The bulls were the best team in the NBA back in the day. Today the bulls have made many playoff appearances but haven’t won the finals, or even made it to the finals.
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