The Cheyenne Native American Tribe

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The Cheyenne Tribe

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The Cheyenne Native American tribe was a highly developed tribe. The Cheyenne tribes live in many of the western states, including South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. Their fighting techniques were very interesting and amazing. They were also extremely talented at hunting, growing crops, and cooking. The Dog Soldiers Were one of six elite fighting group of the Cheyenne tribe. Dog Soldiers also helped in the tribe with solving murders, robberies, and other crimes. The Dog Soldiers Group began in the early 1800s. The warriors were the last line of defense for the tribe if anything terrible happened. These highly trained Native Americans were outfitted with a particular sash
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The weapons they used to hunt were bows, a stick with a rock tied to the end / a club, a jaw bone club, a hatchet ax, a spear, and knives. The rifle was later added to their arsenal, for the event of white people invaded or any other terrible thing covered. The Cheyenne loved to eat meats, the Cheyenne’s consumed buffalo, elk, bears, deer, and wild turkeys. For the small game, they hunted rabbits and snakes. They also liked vegetable and fruit, the vegetable and fruits the Cheyenne consumed were roots, spinach, potatoes, wild berries, and other edible plants. The Cheyenne also farmed some of the crops, they mostly grew were beans, corn, and squash. The Cheyenne also bought and traded food with other tribes. According to the journal of Lewis and Clark Clark side ” Some corn & Bread made of the corn meal parched & mixed with fat &.C. which eats very well, they expect us to give them Some Small article in return for their produce, Such as corn Beans Squashes &C of which they raise plenty off for themselves & to trade with other nations &.C”. The Cheyenne tribe lived in a very harsh environment, but they still manage to hunt and grow all sorts of…show more content…
The women were in charge of cleaning their homes, called wigwams or earthen lodges. A major role of the Cheyenne women was building their home/ tepees and lugging the heavy wooden polls every time the tribe moved. The women taught the daughters how to cook, clean, make the houses, etc. The Cheyenne men were hunters and warriors. The men were responsible for protecting their family and tribe if anything tragic occurred. The Cheyenne men would go on hunting trips for many days, but when the men returned from hunting, the women cooked the and preserved it for later. The Cheyenne tribe would not have been able to function without the division of labor of the men and
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