The Cheques of their Time

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On September 3rd, 1903, Lawrence Exeter Jr. was born at Hollywood hospital. His mother, a famous silent film actress Marie G. Exeter and his father, a wealthy oil tycoon, Lawrence B. Exeter. Essentially, they were loaded, Junior was sent to a private school for boys when he turned five, and got a bike a year later, he had everything he could ever want, and in hindsight that was the beginning of his demise. When junior was ten it seemed like he was well liked, but he wasn’t he flaunted his status over all the poorer kids and he’d put down the few others that were richer than him. His parents regret not raising him right, always handing off to the nanny and not caring for him in general, especially of late due to Junior’s current predicament. I suppose this went on for a while until his parents were fed up with his unruly behavior and sent him to military school when he turned 12. He was bullied there and had no friends, he was physically weak compared to most of the other children there and couldn’t bribe them with money, as he had no contact with his disappointed parents. He would get jumped, and even when the ‘teachers’ heard his screams they ignored it, after junior was deemed disciplined by his parents he was different, quiet, and reserved. But he was still hurting inside due to the constant neglect. “Come on!” Yelled Senior Junior was confused as his father had never shown any interest in his son before. “What is going on?” Junior Questioned. “You’ll see” lead on Senior. Soon they arrived at the Hollywood Cadillac Co. where there was a brand new Silver Cadillac convertible, with a large red bow wrapped around it. “What, is this for me!?” Exclaimed the boy “Yes, Yes it is” prodded Senior. The boy didn’t know what to think h... ... middle of paper ... ...there he had met a shady Italian man by the name Tony Spagoni, Who gave junior a small amount of Cocaine which had recently been outlawed by the government. Junior had been hooked by this drug, and ended up paying Tony over 200 USD for more. After two weeks he tried quitting struggling with it but it felt like his pain was gone with this magical drug. In the first time in years junior felt good, but when he met a girl Miss Flossie Wentworth he quit for her, but, his wife had found out and left him going for a divorce and taking much of his money, with more despair than ever he had bought more and more drugs from Spagoni. On July 5,1931 Junior over dosed and two weeks later he had died, his father and mother devastated they retired to their home and stayed there for a long while, they shut themselves in and rumored to have never come out, just the maids and butlers .
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