The Chemistry behind our Television Sets

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Chemistry has had a colossal impact on the advancement of technology throughout the world. Every electronic item can acknowledge chemistry for its creation. A main example that everyone knows of would be the television. Without chemistry, there would be no technology; and without technology, we would not be where we are today. Before television was invented people tried to find different ways to entertain themselves. One bizarre thing people used the do was to attend surgeries for entertainment. They found surgery to be very interesting and thrilling so they watched for their entertainment, almost like a TV show but in real life. Before television was invented news could not be delivered on a screen broadcasted to everyone, therefore newspapers were looked to as the primary source of news throughout the world. “They could not just turn on the TV and see Brian Williams there telling us local news or tragedies going on around the world or in the local area.” ( However, Newspapers were not the only source of news. There was a radio in almost every household in America. Radio entertainment was a popular thing before the era of television. The radio enabled people to listen to popular music and was updated with national news right when it occurred. Also, people could listen to sports programs on the radio. Before television, People had to actually leave their houses to find some sort of activity to watch or participate in. Before television was invented, society was more active. With no television in front of the couch to entertain them; children had to find something to do. Children before the time of television liked to run around the neighborhood and play tag or sports, like baseball, with their friends. Family bonds ... ... middle of paper ... ... almost irrelevant due to the thousands of news stations on television. Television may not have the best impact on the world’s future. The television can attribute its creation and advancement throughout the years to chemistry. Before television, life was different; people were more focused on family and physical activity. Due to plasma, televisions have been able to advance profoundly throughout the generations and are able to produce any color you can think of. Although television is a brilliant invention, it can have a more negative impact on society than it can good. In my opinion, society will continue to get worse as technology advances. People will become more dependent on technology, the television included, over the years. Without chemistry, technology would be basically non-existent and we would have no clue what a television is, let alone a plasma screen.

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