The Chase

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Leaving the jewelry store at a rather accelerated pace, a common, plain-

clothed man with a parcel tucked under his arm jumped into his white, slightly

dirtied Ford Bronco. He then hurriedly concealed the package under the front

passenger seat making certain to prevent it from being seen from people passing

by. He then tore out of the parking lot attempting to avoid drawing attention

to himself or his accompanying bundle. He knew it would only be a matter of

minutes before the police would be on his trail and he couldn't have them

catching him so he would have to make certain he covered all his tracks and make

it as difficult as he could for his pursuants as he could. For starters he had

to dispose of this car and acquire his new transportation; a new model Corvette

conveniently located in a pre-arranged spot just behind the rail road tracks

near Market St. at I-15. Efficiently he removed all traceable evidence of his

existence from the Bronco. Now heading in the opposite direction he was

originally going, he and his package continued the chase already in progress.

Entering onto the interstate he planned on obtaining a very large lead on his

pursuists furthering his immunity from an almost inevitable prison cell, where

he almost certainly would end up if apprehended. At this very quick speed he

increased his lead and put himself out of danger. After half an hour, he exited

in a conspicuous place where his hide-out was located. "They'll never catch me

in here," he thought.

Getting out of the car, he cautiously made sure no one was looking as he

took his package into his hide-out. Opening it he realized he'd been bugged.

They had placed a small tracking device inside one of the rings he'd stolen.

"How could they possibly have uncovered my meticulously, elaborate plan. No one

even had a clue about the details . . . except for Thomas. Darn that rotten,

selfish feign. How dare he get greedy and sell out on me." He reasons that

with little time to spare, he'd be better off cutting his losses by leaving the

package of jewels behind and trying to escape and save his own butt. Running

out to his car he sees the police cars turning off the exit. "Ah!, there's no

time, I'd better make a run for it!" He trots off into the trees while police

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