The Chase

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She ran as fast as she could across the sandy beach towards the light on the hill. She thought about screaming for help but she knew no one would hear her above the sound of the waves. She had been running for more than ten minutes from an unseen assailant. She only heard a sound. The sound seemed to follow her just as fast as she ran. She knew that safety would come from the light. Who was chasing her? What did they want from her? The light was now less than a mile away but she would have to push harder and harder as the path led up the hill. The sound seemed closer now than at first and with renewed vigour she sprinted on. There was no time to think except to make sure that her steps were firm and sure. She moved her legs with all the force she could muster. She had been certain that she would reach safety a few moments ago but now she was not so sure. She had a lot to live for and she was sure that her life would allow her to do more good things before it expired. The sound was relentless. She concentrated on locating the twists and turns in the path as it went uphill. She strained to visualise everything in advance so that she could move quicker. She and the path were becoming one. She sensed some relief as the sound seemed quieter now. The sound was like a slow rhythmical low-pitched pant. She hoped that, whoever was chasing her was tiring. On she ran because her life depended on it. At twenty-four years of age, she had just completed studies with the Academy of Defence. She had trained hard at the Academy. She was fit and she knew that it would take a superb athlete to catch her. She just had to stay on her feet. Her future was uncertain and her short break was turning into a nightmare. She knew that she had to beat the soun... ... middle of paper ... ... to go so she sat down at a table under a large oak tree. It was possibly the largest oak tree that she could recall. She even sensed that she could hear birds and small animals frolicking in the tree above her. She did not have her cell phone as the retreat rules forbade them. The literature indicated that cell phones were a distraction and for once in her life, she had followed instructions and left it at home. She noted to herself that she would never agree to those kinds of rules again. However, there was no doubt that she had been looked after well following her ordeal. She wondered whether she had dreamed some or all of it. No, it had been real and she needed to know where she was. There had to be answers to all her questions. She looked all around her as she sat under the large oak tree. The retreat would almost be over now and it would be time to go home.

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