The Characters of Othello, The Monk and Jeannette in Oranges

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Compare and contrast how religion shapes and affects the characters of Othello, The Monk and Jeannette in Oranges. In the opening of “The Monk” we are given a sensationalised and somewhat excessively idolised description of Ambrosio’s character, “Antonia’s eyes followed him with anxiety…it seems to her that she had lost someone essential to her happiness”. Based on the insight that we have been given of Antonia’s emotion it is apparent that Ambrosio is seems to provoke emotions of extraordinary proportion. For this to occur, Ambrosio is evidently a character of great vigour, potency and authority. The use of ‘noble port’ and ‘commanding presence’ exemplify this, ‘noble’ being used in order to convey the fine personal qualities of Ambrosio, and ‘commanding’ being used to reinforce his state of authority; the combination of ‘commanding presence’ emphasizing his vigour and potency. More on, as well as Antonia’s emotion being made apparent to us, we are also given insight to the emotions of the Church. It reaches a point at which the people in the church began to worship Ambrosio as if he was Christ himself through “His auditors crowded round him, loaded him with blessings, threw themselves at his feet, and kissed the hem of his garment...”.These actions are very similar to how you would expect a celestial being to be treated, ‘the sound of his voice seemed to penetrate into every soul’ provokes the idea that the people of the church perceived or regarded Ambrosio as a man of great likening to Christ, a man that carries an undefinable presen... ... middle of paper ... ...php Wikipedia the free Encyclopaedia (2014) “Othello” [online] Available at: SparkNotes Editors (2014) “Oranges are not the only fruit” [online] Available at: John R. Lenz (1996) Why I Am Not A Christian [online] Available at: Prometheus Books (1986) God and Religion [online] Available at: Wikipedia the free Encyclopaedia (2003) Bertrand Russell [online] Available at: Wikipedia the free Encyclopaedia (2001) Christianity [online] Available at: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crown bibles (2001) Being A Man [online] Available at:

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