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The book of god revealed to the Christians was the Bible. This book is here to show the way of life of a devout human being. In the bible are guidelines to how one should live and spend their time in life. The bible talks about all the evils of man, and this fake illusion like world. It warns man of the punishments that are to come if man does not follow the way of god, and also assures great reward if one does follow and believe. There are many examples and stories of the all the prophets from the beginning of time, and all their hardships. The kingdom of god is the ultimate goal of a believer. This kingdom is described as the path to success, and the final destination of each true devotee. God, in the Gospel by Matthew describes this kingdom as his power over everything. He created everything, and is the master of it all. There are many parables in the gospel that relate the world to the spiritual world and the kingdom of heaven. Each parable brings out the characteristics needed to be successful in this world and for the one after. Each parable from the gospel gives indirect stories that portray a lesson. Each one has examples to show people how to conduct their behavior and how a life being god conscious should be. Also, each parable shows attributes of god, to show us who he really is, and how much to expect from his greatness. Each parable shows us how to please god, and to not just focus on worldly affairs, but to keep our eye on the main goal, which is heaven.
A parable in the gospel by Mathew is the parable of the net. This is a great example that shows us that god will be just and differentiate between the righteous and wicked. In this parable, a fisherman out to get fish for his market puts his net in the lake to catc...

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...ware of his kingdom. Following the truth sometimes may be challenging, but using these parables makes it easier. It shows us that we were meant to be here, and to still follow this religion. Jesus came to spread the message about the truth, and to inform us about the kingdom of god. Jesus applied all these rules in his own life during his time, and this makes it possible for us to do the same in ours. Following these aspects and virtues of life is the only way to create a connection with god. These qualities are made for and are to be instilled in the average Christian. Religion is not based on level of religiosity in man, but man is made to live simply with god’s word in his heart. This is what the gospel by Mathew teaches us. This inspires all of us to strive in the path of god, because we know that at the end of time, it is only his pleasure we need to attain.
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