The Characteristics Of Steve Jobs: Transformational Leadership

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In today’s world businesses and people rely heavily on technology. Many research is now done online, instead of a library. People keep managing their day to day lives on smart phones, such as their schedules, bank accounts, work emails, calories, and communication with the rest of the world. Nearly everyone carries some type of cell phone with them at all times. One of the most popular smart phones is the IPhone made by the Apple Company. The Apple Company has set the high standard for others to emulate. They have created the IPhone, iPad, and IPod to name a few, that has transformed the way people live from all over the world. These great inventions are made by great organizations, and great organizations are executed by great transformational…show more content…
He was extremely confident, sometimes seemed as arrogant, ambitious, passionate, goal oriented, and controlling at times. According to Bass and Riggio (2006) in order to be a transformational leader, you need provide or have charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration or attention. Steve Jobs was a goal oriented person that visualized the future. He would discuss plans and products that he had already visualized in his mind and shared it with his staff, later on making them a…show more content…
He had established his knowledge to the world when he had invented the Apple I in his parent’s garage. This is effective in the sense that the subordinates will trust his instruction because they know that his information is correct. Subordinates can also identify with Jobs, due to his mission in creating devices that people love and use on their daily lives. Since he was the CEO of the company, he did hold legitimate power and had all authority to take charge of the organization. This would then give him reward and coercive power as the CEO. He is able to reward subordinates with appraisal, or monetary recognition and he is also able to hold subordinates accountable through disciplinary actions and

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