The Characteristics Of Revenge As A Revenge Tragedy

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Revenge tragedies have certain characteristics that are necessary to follow in order for it to actually be a revenge tragedy. Although there is a long list of characteristics, all of them do not have to actually be in the play for it to be revenge. There are core characteristics that have to be involved; two of them focus on a revenge being planned while including tragic elements.
First, in order to have a revenge tragedy play, there must be a murder committed of some kind involved most likely towards the beginning. By a character killing someone, whether a loved one or a friend, it allows the person who is hurt by the situation the time to plan a revenge to get back at the murderer. For instance, at the beginning of the Spanish Tragedy we see the opening scene with Andrea’s ghost. As a reader, we learn that Balthazar murdered Andrea and that Andrea was set on revenge for his death.
Furthermore, the murder will lead us to a motive for revenge, which becomes the main action and plot of the play. Revenge would be a strategy or an idea that will be used for implementing justice a...
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