The Characteristics Of Market Management As A Market Manager

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The job description of a market manager is fairly self-explanatory. A market manager has to strategically figure out ways to improve a products ' appeal to a variety of audiences. That individual must organize a creative team that can research/analyze data to come out with logical, entertaining, and informative guidelines for an effective product. Market managers are tasked with calculating the best "pricing strategy" to make sure the organization he is with is in the best situation to benefit from the most. Required skills needed to be a market manager: mathematic skills, the ability to listen and understand, speak decisively, and have excellent reading/comprehending skills. Marketing managers need a variety of unique abilities as well, such…show more content…
They all have social influence and practical intelligence. What those mean is that they are capable of being leaders and are also very dependable. In the business world these characteristics are valued, especially in Market Managing. They are known for giving our absolute best in everything they do. They are also known for generating ideas at any moment. They are basically "thinking machines". The group all has the same kryptonite, which is adjustment. What that means is that they do not really perform well under pressure. Although it is their lowest rated personality trait Group J is still able to get things done under pressure. As a group they are considered mature and are very flexible with their work schedule, which makes them great prospects for various jobs. If you look at the detailed personality traits you can see that Group J all have a different skill set. Group member Bryan is very innovative which means that he uses his knowledge to come up with new ideas that are effective in the work environment. Group member Terrell is very dependable, which means that you can always count on him. He gives 100% on everything he contributes to. Group member Cameron has a strong leadership role. She will take the initiative in the group. She will also provide ideas and advice to the other group members when they are struggling. All in all the group shares most if not all the same personality traits.…show more content…
There are three members that unite to produce “Group J”. Of the three members, each can identify with leadership skills which are vital to a successful work environment. Leadership is the ability to take charge of a situation and direct others for a desired outcome. Despite leadership being such a commendable trait to have, it can allow for negative outcomes. Negative outcomes include being carried away with directing others and obsessing over one’s desires in the work place. Leadership can easily altercate one’s mind to have them believe they are more important than their actual position is. Following leadership, each member can identify with motivation. Motivation it was fuels the mind set and executes goals set. A weakness that coincides with motivation is failure to see the smaller details that combine to make the “bigger picture”. Being motivated can narrow your vision on your other duties that you must perform to achieve the success you

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