The Characteristics Of Homeschooling Vs. Public School

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Education is taken very seriously by today’s society. Parents are encouraged to start schooling their children at a very young age. Which way of schooling do you think is more beneficial to you, homeschooling or public schooling? These are the two main types of schooling to gain information from K-12th grades. Out of the two, public schools are more popular than homeschooling. Public schools show more understanding in specific characteristics and better opportunities than a student being homeschooled. As the children grows, they continue in their years of schooling. It is very difficult to get anywhere in life without an education. Colleges look for well-educated people to accept to their programs so that the students can learn and apply that learning in the work force.

In “Learning, Social Interaction and Diversity-Exploring Identities in School”, Abreu, Guida de, Aalsvoort, G.M. van der, Hjorne, Eva
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To begin with, for homeschooling, at home the student will get disciplined right away by their parent(s). For that, the student can get disciplined right away and get back to work. Additionally, this would be that the student will only get disciplined by the parent(s) and not by other adults. Discipline can also for instance, in high school it will teach young kids to respect other adults besides their parent(s) and students. Not only that but also for some kids can ditch their discipline, doesn’t teach them responsibility of their own actions of owning up to their mistakes. Homeschooling can also result to very little interaction with kids that are the student 's age and doesn’t have the opportunities to play school sports, which they travel. High school on the other hand can be very competitive which can lead to being very interactive with students looking for the same goal. This can maybe too much interaction can lead to confrontations to other students, teachers and even
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