The Characteristics Of Epic Heroism In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Beowulf is a classic tale of the triumph of good over evil, and divides neatly into three acts. The poem opens in Denmark, where Grendel is terrorising the kingdom. The Geatish prince Beowulf hears of his neighbours’ plight, and sails to their aid with a band of warriors. Beowulf encounters Grendel in unarmed combat, and deals the monster its death-blow by ripping off its arm. An epic hero is someone whom many people have heard of but, yet, many do not know what defines one. An epic hero is one characteristic of many that is included in any Anglo-Saxon epic poem. To the Anglo-Saxons an epic hero is someone who is larger than life; he or she is daring and noble. An epic hero is always fighting an evil force and usually is not seen as a hero before the legendary quest he or she completes. In many of the Anglo-Saxons songs, the epic hero will show qualities of how they are the strongest of men. For example, many of the heroes will demonstrate these qualities through a…show more content…
As Grendel approaches the mead hall where they fight, he laughs with joy and is thrilled about what he thinks is about to happen. Before the battle begins, as Grendel and his warriors are pretending to be asleep, Grendel kills one of Beowulf’s men and drinks his blood. However, when he gets to Beowulf, Grendel became fearful. Line 328 states, “His mind flooded with fear”, this shows how powerful Beowulf is as he was able to scare a monster who had never been scared of a man before. As they were fighting, Beowulf seizes Grendel by the arm, and while Grendel is trying to break free, Beowulf is able to rip his arm off and puts the monster in pain. The monster runs away into the woods and dies. Beowulf has now become the hero of the kingdom because he has freed the kingdom of this dreadful monster. Therefore, he has become “The mighty protector of men” as said in line
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