The Characteristics Of Conscious Leadership

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Conscious leaders are driven by how their services align to the purpose of the company, support the people the business touches and the world that we all live in and share. One of the characteristics of Conscious leadership is that the focus of the leader is on the people rather than on himself or herself. A conscious leader inspires, foster, transforms and brings out the best in those around him or her, including the organization’s stakeholders (Mackey & Sisodia, 2013). Stakeholder Orientation as one of the characteristics of conscious leadership optimizes value for all stakeholders by understanding that committed and strong stakeholders lead to a healthy, sustainable and resilient business. Conscious leaders recognize that, without employees, customers, suppliers, funders, supportive communities and a life-sustaining ecosystem, there is no business (Mackey & Sisodia, 2013). When considering stakeholder orientation in conscious leadership, one area to focus on will be understanding customer needs as one of the stakeholders of a company. According to Duesing & White (2013), competitive strategies are based on understanding customer needs. On a personal level as a customer, I went to an ethnic store couple of times to buy raw shea butter but each time I went, they were out of the item I was looking for, even after the store owner promised that the product would be available the next time I came into the store. In order for such business to incorporate stakeholder orientation, the customer’s need is one of the factors to be put into perspectives. Conscious leadership also integrates a culture of trust and care. Conscious leadership ensures that employees are motivated and treated right to the point where they become, innovative, p... ... middle of paper ... ...bout my problems, so I need to make sure however, that I give an issue in my life the thought and consideration it needs. In a group or organizational setting, I need to consider other points of view and give those views a thought. I have learned that it takes self-examination and awareness of how I react to situations, to manage myself. I have also learned that there are different management tactics within the workplace. How I respond to the management tactics of others greatly depends on how well I have built my emotional intelligence. I am now humbler, seek to help others and show more love and care, desire to impact knowledge and bring out the best in those around me, build trust and maintain solid ethical values. All these put together will help me as a conscious leader to respond positively to others and management tactics of others in a workplace

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