The Characteristics Of Chinese Garden Art, Aesthetics And Confucianism

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Ancient Chinese poets like been too. Qu yuan, ruan ji, li bai's poems were written been. Why been, but also for the sake of time from a limited space into the infinite space time, causing a kind of life and history.
Probably the most telling Chinese gardens. The biggest characteristic of Chinese garden art in the aesthetic and artistic conception. The characteristics of the Chinese garden is not an isolated building, also is not an isolated the beauty of the scenery, but have artistic conception. So what is the artistic conception of Chinese garden? Is the breakthrough in little space, into the infinite large space. In Chinese classical garden building, floor, platform, pavilion, pavilion, their aesthetic value mainly lies not in the building itself, which is that they can guide
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Based on the analysis of Lao zi and the relationship between the aesthetic consciousness of Chinese classical aesthetics, first from on macroscopic investigation of Confucianism, Taoism aesthetic consciousness and the method of difference. "Aesthetic consciousness is the objective existence of the aesthetic object to reflect the objective content, sensitive to aesthetic subject and improve the sensory nervous system as the physiological basis, with aesthetic feeling, perception, representation, judgment, thinking, imagination, emotion and other activities for the psychological basis of interaction; people in the aesthetic practical activity to build a unique grasp the reality of the perceptual way, become the understanding of the aesthetic consciousness." According to the nature of aesthetic consciousness, it is different from other consciousness, its emotional factors is more outstanding, more intense. This is a feature of the aesthetic consciousness. Another feature of

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