The Characteristics Of Celtic Culture In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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The characteristics that heroes hold are highly influenced by the culture that they come from. In the poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", the hero Gawain represents the Celtic culture and the views that the ancient Celts held for heroes. The characteristics that Gawain possesses are humble, focused, brave, loyal, virtuous, and religious. Within the poem, the trials that he undergoes, and the events in the journey that are faced are influenced immensely by the characteristics that he has, some Celtic cultural symbolism, as well as the steps of the hero 's journey. Before addressing the hero 's journey, Celtic symbolism in the poem will be examined. In the Celtic culture, a vegetation god, otherwise known as the green man, relates to the…show more content…
The first animal was a deer, in the culture this animal represents the mythological world, shape-shifting Gods, and woodland Gods. The next animal that was hunted was a boar and this animal represents the hunting prowess of the host. When this animal is served at a feast to a guest, the person is considered an honored guest. The boar also shows fertility, strength, hospitality, and masculine power. It is also often served at otherworldly feasts. Lastly, a fox was hunted. This animal symbolizes the characteristics of craftiness, being wise, as well as…show more content…
This step is when the hero is given advice by a guide throughout his quest. Gawain 's spirituality towards the Virgin Mary and God can represent this aid. Doubts that he constantly carries are helped through the protection that he feels by the guidance he feels from God. An example of the guidance that his spirituality gave him is when the Lord directed him to the castle of Bertilak, " 'I beseech thee, O Lord, and Mary, who is the mildest mother most dear, for some harbour where with honour I might hear the Mass and thy Matins tomorrow '" (Tolkien 52). Furthermore, King Arthur can be considered a spiritual guide due to his advice in the beginning before Gawain went on his

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