The Characteristics And Similarities Of Entrepreneurial Leadership And Management

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Entrepreneurial leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership and management is influenced by different attributes that aren’t found within traditional leadership roles. The leadership role requires an individual to influence, inspire and direct a group of people. An individual that is in a management position role is required to fulfil the act of controlling events and situations. Both roles have similarities and differences that play in a role within society

Both entrepreneurial leadership and management share similarities that individuals most complete in order to achieve either one of the titles, this includes things such as training. Both of these roles are trained to uphold responsibilities by gaining a complex range of skills that’ll assist
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Leadership is influenced by power, this influences the way they excel to accomplish specific goals (Alimo-Metcalfe, 2001). What differentiates leadership roles from management is that leaders are responsible for supervising, managing managers and training staff to ensure skills are improved. A manager is an individual who operates as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within an organisation or business, they undergo immense training to ensure each individual is able to reach their level in the trade. Although an institute or organisation has one CEO, large organisations can have multiple managers from Managers, to sub managers, assistant managers, financial managers, service managers, etc. (deMoville, 2007).

There are traditional leadership and management roles which shares similarities within the field. Traditional leadership and management carry a status of high power which ‘conceptualised’ from a behavioral perspective’ which is used to influence people (Edwards, 2014). This allows individuals to build character and confidence that can be applied to people later on. Both leadership and management was ‘constructed through differing assumptions about power’ which illustrates that shows are based on influencing other individuals by their power and shaping authorities through the way they function.
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This type of leadership is merely based on influencing businesses and the expansion of them in hopes of increase success and revenue. Leadership is one of the most critical aspects of an organisation as it will not survive without a leader (deMoville, 2007). A leader must adapt to three core elements which include; executive interactions, leadership contents, and action learning teams to train and better their leadership (deMoville, 2007). Individual creativity influences the role an entrepreneurial individual undertakes as it is a key to producing unique aspects of leadership as it is a key to produce unique aspects of leadership as well as products or services within a business or organisation (Gehani, 2011). Examples of individual creativity includes individuals such as Steve Jobs with Apple, Bill Gates with Microsoft and Janine Allis with Boost Juice, who all had goals in place and fulfilled those goals, these examples illustrate the drive that has opened the door for
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