The Character of Jane Eyre

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Explore how Charlotte Bronte presents the character of Jane Eyre in

the novel of the same name, noting the effects of social and

historical influences on the text.

Jane Eyre was a plain and insignificant unloved orphan, she was cared

for by her aunt Reed, who did not like her but was obliged to look

after her because it was a request of Mr. Reed who was also Jane's

uncle. Eventually she was sent away to school after fighting with her

bullying cousin John and getting locked in the room her Uncle died in,

and she fainted.

The school was awful with a horrible owner and bad conditions; there

was a typhus epidemic in which her friend Helen Burns died. She made

friends with a teacher Miss Temple who helped her when Helen died. The

owner left and Jane stayed on as a teacher once she had finished her

school years.

Then Miss Temple got married and left so Jane decided it was time to

move on and she left for a governess position at Thornfield hall where

she secretly fell in love with her employer Mr.Rochester. He misleads

her by supposedly courting a beautiful woman and then proposes to her

even though they are in different classes and she is amazed but

accepts. On the day of their marriage it is discovered that Mr.

Rochester already has a crazy wife, Bertha Mason locked upstairs,

which explains some strange goings on at Thornfield.

Jane leaves Thornfield knowing she can't be with Mr. Rochester. She

wanders about with nowhere to go and no money until she meets three

relatives of hers whom she wasn't aware of and they take her in. One

of these, St John Rivers finds Jane a job teaching at a charity

school. He then surprises her by telling her that her uncle has died

and she is rich and he is also her cousin, knowing this she shares the

inheritance equally with him and two other cousins. St John wants to

travel as a missionary and he wants Jane to go with him as his wife,

Jane wants to go but not as his wife because she doesn't love him, she

nearly gives in but then hears Mr. Rochester's voice calling her.

She hurries back to Thornfield but it has been burnt down by Bertha

who has also died in the fire. Mr. Rochester is blind and has lost one

of his hands, he and Jane rebuild their relationship and marry as she

now has a fortune too. He partially regains his eyesight after two

years and sees their son born.

The story of Jane Eyre is very much about the status of women in the
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