The Character Of Ifemelu And Obinze's 'Americanah'

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Americanah is a novel mainly about love and race. It features two main characters Ifemelu and Obinze, who both struggle with identity on their quest to find a sense of national belonging. Ifemelu is the female protagonist of the novel and she is a teenager from Nigeria. She writes blogs mostly pertaining to her anger towards the topic of race. Ifemelu is vulnerable at times, but is a strong advocate of being true to one’s self. An example of when Ifemelu is shown to be vulnerable is when she lets her employer force her into having sex for $100. Obinze is a Nigerian The young lovers meet in Nigeria, but become separated when Ifemelu moves to America for school purposes. Ifemelu stays at her Aunty Uju’s house with her cousin Dike. She learns a lot about American culture, based on Dike’s experience with depression,…show more content…
She gets hopeless and becomes a prostitute, which makes her reluctant to contact Obinze. She later gets hired as a nanny by Kimberly, and has a romantic relationship with her brother, Curt, who helps her find a job. Meanwhile in America, Obinze is forced to take on a fake identity in order to get proper citizenship, but does not actually achieve this. He is deported back to Nigeria where he becomes a wealthy businessman. The novel ends when Obinze decides to leave his wife and child, and reunite with Ifemelu. There is a very serious theme painted throughout the novel and Adichie’s writing is golden because of how explicit she is with conveying her insights. The themes are most evident through Ifemelu’s personal experience with immigration, sexual violence, unemployment, and her relationships. Identity is a key theme in the novel, and an example which shows this, is when she cuts her hair for a job interview. The significance of identity in connection to themes of race, class and gender are exemplified through the blogs which Ifemelu writes throughout the course of the

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