The Changing Role of Governement in Canada

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Our history of 20th century of Canada on the treatment on immigrants was indeed bias and still occurs to some extent today. Numerous amounts of immigrants were into lose if not all, but very many of their belongings, valuables and family behindhand, to posses a Canadian citizenship. People travelled extensive distances to seek better lives; Canadians faced many with racism because of their differences, in fact it influenced ruined many lives. Immigrants in the past were shamefully discriminated against and exploited by the Canadian changing role of government, producing a dark side to Canada’s history. The three events that accurately validate that immigrants had tough lives were, “The Boat of People,” Chinese due to Chinese Exclusion Act, and the most improved, Merit Point System. These have effected Canada’s society significantly in a negative manner and have helped us learn, improve and equalize our society for everyone. The boat of people featured mostly of Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodians from the 1970’s to the 1980’s. After the conflict between South and Northern Vietnam, people fled to seek more freedom rights, however their intentions were not lived up to because many ended up dying. The two conflicts that produced a mass amount of refugees were when Indo-China collapsed from wholesale confrontation and war between Vietnam, Kampuchea and China. Another reason was when Vietnam attacked Chinese forced in the North. All makeshift boats that refugees traveled on were congested and prone to huge safety hazards. The conflict was thus horrific that out 1.5 million, the estimated total number of deaths is from 50,000 to 20,000. The primary source for the mass amount of deaths is from drowning, starvation, being attacked by pirates... ... middle of paper ... ...n Council. 14 January 2014. McKinley, Kathy et al. “Historical overview of Immigration to Canada.” Canada Museum of History. CCO “PM offers apology for the Chinese Head Tax.” YouTube. 16 January 2014. “The Chinese Experience in British Colombia : 1850 -1950.” Canadian Culture Online Program of Canadian Heritage. U.S. Congress. ”Chinese Exclusion Act (text)." in The World at the Fair, Item #84. 16 January 2014. “Vietnamese Boat of People.” 10 January 2014 .

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