The Change in Modern Religion

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The Change in Modern Religion “In modern society religious beliefs and religious behaviors are

changing rather than declining” Assess the argument for and against

this view.

The term Modern Religion in this essay will refer to the religion in

the 20th century (i.e. from the 1900’s). Also to reduce confusion I

will focus mainly on religion within the UK I will term the phrase

religious beliefs and religious behaviors to be related with the

exclusive definition of religion. Which means a belief in god or a

high being and participating in religious practice.

There are many views on whether or not religion is declining in this

essay I aim to outline and explain different ideas given for and

against the idea. Bruce and Wilson agree with the statement and

believe that religion is declining, however Davie and Shiner are just

some sociologists that believe religion is changing.

In sociology there is a name attributed to the decline of religion,

this is secularization however there is dispute between sociologists

on the usefulness of this term as it can be much broader. However for

the purpose of this essay it will mean the decline of religion.

There are many statistics that argue against the statement “religion

is declining rather than changing”. Christian church membership in

Britain between 1930 and 1990 has dropped from 9.
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