The Change in Method of Suffragettes Between 1903 and 1915

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The Change in Method of Suffragettes Between 1903 and 1915 From 1903 through to 1915, the methods that the suffragettes used to gain the right to vote dramatically changed. In my essay I will explain how and more importantly why the suffragettes went through several methods to get themselves noticed by the male government. It was in 1903 when the suffragettes started to try and gain enough publicity so that they were recognised. This tactic mainly consisted of ineffectual activities like producing and then distributing leaflets. Most people would just discard or throw these away. The newly founded WSPU, (which was formed by Emily Pankhust) would also make pointless petitions and organise moves to London. Both of these activities failed to make any front pages of any newspapers. As well as that, the women of the WSPU would also attend and organise small meetings. The suffragettes thought they had struck gold when their leader, Emily Pankhurst had agreed a verbal deal with the leader of the Liberals, David Lloyd George. He had promised to give women the vote if the women would help promote the Liberals. Unfortunately, this deal was not written down and when the Liberals came to power; David Lloyd George did not keep his word. By 1906, it was clear to see that this method of gaining publicity was not working and a new plan of attack was needed. The suffragettes changed their tack for two reasons. Firstly, publicity was just not working. People were not taking notice of the suffragettes' movement and they were wasting their time. Secondly, the suffragettes felt betrayed by the Liberal Democrats and decided to get mean! From 1906... ... middle of paper ... ...mens Franchise is founded in 1907. In which way did women make the most and least progress between 1850 and 1930? I think that between 1850 and 1930, women made the most progress in politics. I think this is because in the space of forty years, women went from one extreme to the other. From being laughed at by men they were then given the chance to be Lord Mayor in such a short time. I think that in between 1850 and 1930, women made the least progress in economics. Although they could legally work in 1850, it took a huge 60 years for them to do any respectable job. Even today, women are discriminated against the workplace. They are paid less then men sometimes and can sometimes be overlooked by employers who would rather employ a man with the same qualifications. The Struggle for the Emancipation of Women
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