The Challenges Of Heroism

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In the Disney movie Hercules, the king of the gods, Zeus, said “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” This quote shows how heroism is not defined by strength. Being a hero is not always being the strongest of all but instead is how one helps others when facing challenges. Heroism is not always satisfying everyone, but it involves putting others first despite the risks and being courageous. Heroes do not always satisfy everyone instead they attempt to help those they can. They can often find themselves only being able to save one person rather than masses of people. For example, in the video BOATLIFT, Vincent Ardolino, captain of the Amberjack V during the attacks on 9/11, used his boat in order to help rescue people who were attempting…show more content…
Although times may be challenging heroes are courageous and do what they must. For example, in the article “9-year-old Girl Scout Saves Mother’s Life After Car Accident”, Melina Lakey saved her mother when their car crashed. She and her father had gotten out of the car, but her mother was trapped by the air bags. Lakey says that “my dad got her unbuckled and I pulled down the airbags so she could get out.” Though Lakey was likely to be in shock after going through a severe crash just seconds before, she took charge in order to rescue her mother. Melina showed great courage in rescuing her mother from the car and was later honored by the Girl Scouts. In history, there have been great examples of courageous heroes like Frederick Douglass. In the Narrative of Frederick Douglass, he states that “I felt myself a slave, and the idea of speaking to white people weighed me down.”(SB 71) While Douglass was frightened by the idea of speaking in front of white people, he displayed courage when he proceeded to speak about the challenges his brethren were facing at the time. Heroes do what they must despite the fears they may

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