The Challenges Of College: Debt Or Education?

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Debt or Education? College is a path for about more than half of Americans; however many still ask the same question, “Is college worth it?” This question opens up many different pathways of answers and conclusions, but the real answers are within you. After much research on societal perspective of college, there are many places for improvement in our system which causes many flaws in our college education, creating it very difficult to attend. One of the major issue with attending college is the cost, cost leads to debt, and debt leads to many students becoming financially unstable, making students second guess their education. Furthermore making them lower their educational standards, because they have to factor the amount it will cost to attend a university. With cost being one of the main impacts on attending college, it makes it very difficult for some students to decide what path to choose. College tuition can cost as much as an average American worker makes in a year, sometimes even more. Tuition is not what it once was, it is rising and will continue to rise over time, creating a great challenge for students to pull loans and come up with other financal assistance to attend. In “How College Costs Are Skyrocketing Out if Middle-Class America’s Reach” by Maxwell Strachan he states, “As of 2011, only half of…show more content…
Many students choose their career path based off of the amount of money they will earn in the future rather than the major that sparks their interest and fascinates them. This affects the way they look at their future, furthermore they will look at their occupation as a job rather than a career because they will not be fully engaged. A career is something someone is passion to pursue a long term ambition towards creating goals, whereas a job is a working environment created for you
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