The Challenges And Benefits Of School Uniforms In Schools

Within school systems, many problems and conflicts arise dealing with students and the learning environment. However, each year administrations do their best to improve and put in place measures to create the best possible learning conditions for students. One solutional plan many schools are making to improve their school setting is executing school uniforms. In effect, students that attend schools that implement school uniforms benefit through various areas beyond students not required to wear uniforms. One of the benefits of having students wear uniforms is a sudden, noticeable decrease in student behavioral problems. It is proven that after schools decided to enforce a uniform for their students, they started to see positive disciplinary effects. For one school in particular, “compared to the year prior to…show more content…
Inappropriate behavior referrals were reduced by 121 incidents (a 33% reduction)” (Sanchez 353). Given that, students are dressing in a respected manner causes them to act in respectful manner in result. An opponent of uniforms would say that uniforms do not solve the problem of discipline referrals within a school, because putting on a uniform will not change a child to not act out rebelliously. However, a study tested whether your attire affects one’s attitude, the results showed “it is evident that attire play a key role in individuals’ attitudes...regarding workplace outcomes” (Peluchette 48). Simply, the way the students dressed and presented themselves put them in an attitude to work instead of causing trouble. Similar to the change in behavior of the students, the implementation of school uniforms affect the way students learn. In the same manner, if the students dress better they
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