The Central Nervous System Affect The Central Vervous System

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EMCV does not only affect the heart and the brain it can also affect the central nervous system and immune response. An elephant that was transferred to Sigean Zoo in France from Germany suddenly died (Lamglait et al., 2015). The elephant was completely healthy looking and ate normally before the sudden death (Lamglait et al., 2015). During the necropsy a few things were noted. There was extensively degraded and dead tissue in the ventricles and cardiac muscles (Lamglait et al., 2015). There also was not significant immune response present. There was hemorrhaging noted in the myocardial fat and myocardium as well as other parts of the body, also accompanied with clotting (Lamglait et al., 2015). The Myocardium was looked at under a microscope and lesions that were evident pointed toward Cardiovirus…show more content…
Most of the animals at the zoo were affected in the cardiac system, which is most common for this virus. There was however, one animal that did show degradation in the central nervous system (Canelli et al., 2010). During a necropsy there was one animal that showed central nervous system degradation in which there were brain lesions and meningeal congestion (Canelli et al., 2010). In this specific case there was neuronal death, accumulation of neuron cells indicating neuron damage, meningeal hemorrhaging around blood vessels, and congestion (Canelli et al., 2010). In most cases involving central nervous system and EMCV you see immune response via leukocytes in the perivascular space or cuff (Canelli et al., 2010). There is also lymphocytic infiltration or evidence of lymphocytes in the cerebral cortex, meninges, and cerebellum (Canelli et al., 2010). Now that we have looked into the central nervous system affected by EMCV, let’s look at how the immune system plays a role in EMCV. EMCV and the immune system can work together to create havoc in the body, or they can work against each

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