The Cave of Stone Beauty

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A magnificent array of stone cut sculptures, spectacular detail work and the greatest architectural marvel of its time. Exotic Basalt elephants, dancing dwarves, and superb friezes running parallel to the stone Buddha carved in precision. Depictions of various deities in their abodes and scenes from s India’s epic poetry appear within the stone. Water falls trickle in the spring as ancient river beds fill up and cascade down on top of ancient lava flows. Three religions have made their mark on the basaltic land of the Ellora Caves. The Ellora Caves were carved out of a basalt rock formation known as the Deccan Trap (Abram 637). The cave temples of Ellora contain friezes, sculptures, murals, and paintings. The Ellora caves, with its cultural and architectural significance, should be in the next museum exhibit.
The Ellora caves had a significant impact on its surroundings and the world. “The Development and Management of the Ellora Caves has led to the development of social life, economic development, transportation and service provision” (Surywanshi). This means that tourism shaped the region and has transformed it to a more profiting region. “The development of facilities” (Surywanshi) is attributed to the growing numbers of motels and hotels in the region. This is showing an increase in tourist attraction and thus, all of these structures are being built to accommodate them. Usually the standard of living in India is lower than most of the tourists coming in from First-World Countries. So the area will have to expand more money into development of modern conveniences so as to attract the tourists to a more hospitable area which will result in a higher tourist income. The development of agriculture was when farms started to adop...

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