The Causes of the End of Prohibition

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The Causes of the End of Prohibition

In 1919 the Eighteenth Amendment to the American Constitution, banned

the 'manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors' This

happened in a hope to keep America prosperous through the 'boom' of

the 1920's, to keep a sober workforce amongst the country, and to set

up an example to the rest of the world, that they had high moral

standards and were superior.

Then why was the Eighteenth Amendment withdrawn from the constitution

in 1933?

I am going to discuss the reasons why Prohibition ended.

Although he law of Prohibition stopped the act of selling,

transporting or making of alcohol, this did not stop anyone from doing

exactly that. People took the law as a joke, and disrespected it

greatly, a reason for the laws downfall.

'Bootleggers' made and distributed alcohol across America.

'Rum Runners' smuggled alcohol into the US, but it was not always

certain where it was from and what it was. These people claimed that

the alcohol was from places like Canada or Scotland, when instead the

substances were things like Jamaica Ginger, Jackass Brandy or Yack

Yack Bourbon, which were all dangerous.

Illegal Bars were set up, or as they were known in the states as

'speakeasies' -called this because people had to be quiet in them to

avoid discovery.

Overall, Prohibition had not stopped anyone from getting alcohol at

all. Prohibition Agents were appointed by Washington, whose job was to

seize alcohol, destroy it were found, and to try and stop illegal acts

like bootlegging from happening. Any liquor they did retrieve was only

a fraction of the real total throughout the country...

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...hen really it was a way of

'keeping the Negro in place' America was still a very racist country

at the time, and Prohibition would deny blacks another human right. As

the law was not fair, the arguments for keeping the law fell through.

Congress believed that Prohibition was the reason for the country's

economy was so strong, but when the Wall Street Crash occurred, it was

obvious that Prohibition was not the magic formula for success.

Overall, I think that Prohibition failed mainly due to the fact that

it was extremely unpopular law, and it was impossible to enforce. The

law didn't work: The gangsters had too much of an influence over the

police, and the law did not state it was illegal to drink alcohol.

Prohibition denied people the right to freedom of speech or choice,

which Americans expect and are accustomed to.
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