The Causes of the Cold War

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The Causes of the Cold War The major world powers named the international confrontation that took place between 1941 and 1991 as the Cold War. The Cold War was so named as there was no military conflict that caused an actual engagement. The United States having military victory at the end of the Second World War ensured that they would lead the European and other States. Giving them foremost position in a world context and leaving the Soviet Union with the remaining sphere of influence in the global power vacuum caused by the Second World War. The Cold War was different and unlike any other hostile international confrontation that had occurred before. It had no clear instigators or open physical hostilities and each party claimed the other was the real provoker and they clearly exclaimed that they were only defending their national security interests from the instigators hostile actions. Because of the disagreements between the parties of who started the war it led to several schools of thought and explanations. There was no clear agreement on the causes of the Cold War in the early days of the historical analysis of the confrontation. Analysis fell into a number of defined groups these are their views are: The Orthodox Historians believe the conflict originated from the Soviet Union and was caused by Russian expansionism; this also coincides with Marxist/Leninist ideology, which encourages the world victory of Socialism over Capitalism. A lot of the evidence to support this view comes from the influence of George. F. Kennan’s telegram from 22 February 1946[1]. Kennan was very much against communism and was intim... ... middle of paper ... ... Word count: 2017 Bibliography ============ McCauley, M. The origins of the Cold War 1941-1949. 3rd Edition. (2003) Pearson Education Ltd. London. McCauley, M. Russia, America and The Cold War. 1949-1991 (1998) Addison Wesley Longman ltd. New York Ball, S.J. The Cold War: An international history. 1947-1991. (1998) St. Martins Press inc, New York. Davies, N. Europe: A History (1996) Oxford University Press. New York Williamson, D. War and Peace – International relations, 1919-1939. 2nd Edition (2000). Hodder and Stoughton. London Brogan, H. The Penguin History of USA. (2001) Penguin Group, London. --------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Source: [2] Source:

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