The Causes and Effects of World War II

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The Second World War was a devastating international conflict that began in Europe on September1, 1939 and finally ended on September 2, 1945. Powerful countries participated in the vast majority to attack other countries, greatest countries used all major military and economic capabilities in the service of the war effort. The Second World War was most expensive war in human history because of widening areas of the war and there were many places of battles and fronts. More than 100 million soldiers caused the death of 60 to 80 million people, civilians and military, which was equivalent to 2.5 % of the world's population at that period. The war finally ended in Europe after Soviet Union took control of Berlin and unconditional surrender by the Germans on May8, 1945. After that Potsdam conference was held near Berlin, which was released through the Potsdam Declaration on June26, 1945. There were two basic causes of World War II, there was only one main effect. The deterioration of the economy was the cause of the outbreak of the Second World War, defeat the Germans were not due to the deterioration of the economy (Gordon). Lack of labor in Germany impacted the agriculture, Germany planned to remove the indigenous people of Poland and Ukraine because they were the best in the field of agriculture either burned land or killing citizens, Germany failed because the solution is not to increase the number of land But by raising the employment rate and encouraging migration from rural to urban areas. Due to tactical errors and strategic from Hitler Most important was the invasion of the Soviet Union (Gordon). All countries tried to raise its economy, ignoring what may cause harm to other countries. Many weapons were used on World W... ... middle of paper ... ...e present day, Led to the proliferation of fetal malformations, soil contamination and spread of the disease whiteness blood. In 1923 France occupied the Ruhr region in Germany, Belgium has provided assistance so as to ensure the transport of coal under the Convention on Compensation, this was the region contains 80% of the mines of Germany was also a center of German industry. This occupation led to several disastrous results, sparked a backlash in Germany, where Hitler tried to stage a coup in Munich but he failed and they put him in jail, Germany incited the Ruhr population to resist the French occupation and the conference was held in London in 1924 they discussed the German reparations program. Works Cited "World War Two Causes and Effects.", 05 2001. Web. Gordon, Robert J. Did Economics Cause World War II. December 2008, Web.

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