The Causes and Consequences of Divorce

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The Causes and Consequences of Divorce


In this coursework I wish to deeply look into what are the reasons for

marriage break-ups which consequently lead to divorce and even more

consequently one-parent families. I also want to ask the question

about the dependant children in nuclear families. Also another main

important area to investigate is which age couples are more likely to

have a marriage break-up, and further more I will look at the

development of divorce over the past decades. Another point in which I

will be looking at is the changes in attitude towards divorce.

Another area to investigate is whether religion has an influence in

the break-up of marriages. If there was more religion in marriages,

would more couples stick by their marriage vowels and try and make the

marriage work. One more fragile issue in which marriages break-up is

violence and I will be looking at this matter in great detail.

The reason in which I am investigating this topic is because I would

like to know why the divorce rate is escalating sharply. My specific

point to look at is why marriages divide, and why people divorce each

other. The methods which I am going to employ to perform this research

are by using books, internet research, newspapers and primary sources.

By doing this coursework I wish to illustrate the very detailed

reasons why people divorce and the consequences of divorce are on


The background is going to include the past perspectives of divorce at

different times, the key theories of divorce and studies on divorce.

The background is also going to contain evidence to support the claims



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imagine someone thinking at some point in their marriage ‘this is not

what I signed up for, nor what I want’, and ‘I have enough years left

to make it worthwhile for me to get out and try again’. Another reason

for divorce could be that couples get jealous of other so called

‘Hollywood’ marriages. They may see certain things on T.V, in

magazines, newspaper images of nice houses and has got them wanting

more, more which they cannot achieve in their current marriage.

Two more influences may play a part in 21st century divorce.

One is time. Increasingly both partners may be stretched by their

jobs. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but not if the reunions are

fraught and fleeting. A second factor is the inflated value of

perfection; perfect wedding; perfect baby; why not order up the

perfect marriage.
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