The Causes Of Youth Underemployment In Canada

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Youth unemployment is everywhere in Canada. Research demonstrates that the unemployment rate is much lower than it was in the year 2008, but still rising steadily (Yalnizyan, 2014; Kolm, 2013). Chart of the week: Lost youth (2013) reports Canada created 574,000 jobs after the recession happened but, just not for the young; the job market is stagnant for university grads aged 20 to 24. When youth have degrees under their belt and cannot obtain a job, this can result in underemployment, discrimination, and marginalization of youth (Ali, 2014). In essence, even after completing six plus years of post-secondary schooling, unfortunately there is still a shortage of employment. Nevertheless, youth who do not have diplomas or degrees, have an even…show more content…
There are many causes and long term effects, however, there are some solutions to this problem. Some of the causes of youth unemployment were the recession that hit in 2008, youth not having the right education or no education at all and lastly, colleges/universities preparing unqualified youth for the working world. Many of these youth had the education, but lack the necessary skills to obtain these jobs; for instance, experience and communication skills. Youth that are unemployed and have degrees are missing out on several opportunities to gain practical work experience; this is crucial because the experience would go with their education which makes them a better candidate for a job opening (Acharya-Tom Yew, 2012). Youth unemployment comes with long term effects which include debt, mental, physical, and emotional well-being and delayed personal situations. Youth with degrees spend most of their money on obtaining the right education to find out that they are not qualified for the specific job or there are no openings. There are solutions, but not many. The government needs to invest in more programs for the unemployed youth and train them for different job openings. They need to learn the basic
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