The Causes Of The Vietnam War?

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There were many wars on Earth, but one of the deathliest was the Vietnam War. This war was a fight for honor, peace, and justice. It was a war that determined Vietnam’s future and economy. It was a type of war that left you speechless until the end. Families were broken. Like many other wars, people died. These conflicts in family homes were not resolved in one day. It took months or even years for their mental state to cope with their loved one’s death. This was an important war, not just for Vietnam, but for America too.
Even before the Vietnam War started, there were still many casualties inside the country. The French was ruling over the Vietnamese for over six decades. At this time there was a communist leader named Ho Chi Minh (history1900s Page 1). He had just come back from his thirty year journey traveling around the world. When he came back to Vietnam he established a group named the Viet Minh. Ho Chi Minh was a man who wanted to protect Vietnam from foreign occupiers. The Japanese and French were invading Vietnam, as a result, he had gained support from North Vietnam and fought back (history1900 Page 1).
In addition Ho Chi Minh requested help from the United States for many years, but each time they received this offer, they refused. This was because of their Cold War foreign policy. This policy did not want to spread communism (history1900 Page 1). Communism is the act of equality. The United States was feared. They hypothesized that the spread of communism was growing faster. If Vietnam, whole, was communist, the countries around it would be too. As the battle wages on, the French was defeated at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Many nations were debating on how to withdraw the French out of Vietnam peacefully. This debate w...

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... unto Communist rule (sparknotes Page 1).
The war lasted almost 20 devastating years. The Vietnam War was a battle that did not wanted to spread communism throughout the country. It was a gruesome armed conflict. Imagine people getting shot in the heart, gushing out waves and waves of blood. Imagine stepping on a landmine, blowing parts of your body, or even worse your whole body being blown up into fragments. If you are not communist, people who are communist will dislike you. If you are communist, people who are anti-communist also will dislike you. Vietnam and America both benefitted from the war. It embraced American spirits, whether it was good or bad. It helped North Vietnam reach their goal to establish a communist country. If you were the famous communist leader, Ho Chi Minh, a person that decides North Vietnam’s future, would you have left it communist?

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the vietnam war was an important war, not just for vietnam, but for america too.
  • Explains that ho chi minh was a communist leader who wanted to protect vietnam from foreign occupiers. the japanese and french were invading vietnam.
  • Explains that ho chi minh requested help from the united states for many years, but each time they received this offer, they refused. this was because of their cold war foreign policy.
  • Explains that north vietnam fired on u.s ships on august 2nd, 1964, resulting in the gulf of tonkin incident, which gave president lyndon baines johnson authority to command troops into vietnam.
  • Explains that the viet cong was the military arm force of north vietnam. they were created to damage south vietnam's economy.
  • Explains that south vietnam tried to counter attack the viet cong by raising counter guerrilla soldiers. stealth was one of their key factors in their abilities.
  • Explains that viet cong soldiers surrendered to the south and wanted to stop the spread of communism. the national police force used heavily armed men to locate and destroy enemy villages.
  • Explains that the roadrunners had two types of land mines: self-controlled and pressure-detonating. they were ambushed near the end of 1967 and in late august of 1968 on highway 19.
  • Explains that the south had the m-48 tank, loaded with a mounted machine gun, and the 105mm howitzer, which was used in world war ii.
  • Explains that north vietnam had anti-aircraft weapons, such as the sa-7 grasil missile, and the ak-47 rifle, which was shorter than the m-16, making it extremely durable.
  • Explains that the vietnam war was the first war america had lost and the viet cong group was disbanded in 1976. the herbicides that were used in the war continued to damage the environment of the country.
  • Opines that the vietnam war was a gruesome armed conflict that did not want to spread communism throughout the country.

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