The Causes Of The Social Depression During The Great Depression

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After the 1920’s it seemed as if America was on cloud nine, when really a catastrophe was about to happen that they didn’t even think would come. The Stock Market crashed on October 29, 1929 a day also known as Black Tuesday. President Hoover at the time believed that the Laissez Faire policy was the right choice meaning that he thought that the market would get back together or fix itself without the government intervening. Once FDR was elected, he had big shoes to fill especially on the unemployment side of things. The unemployment rate was at a high rate at 1929 and steadily climbing (Doc J.) for the next couple of years. Most women lost their jobs during the Great Depression, but weren’t as poorly off as the men were. “There are not many women in the bread line.” (Doc A.) It wasn’t clear how the women were not suffering with poverty, while there were men suffering from extreme poverty. People relied on FDR to reduce the percentage of unemployment. A lot of different programs, including Social Security, CCC, FDIC, Bank Holiday, and the Emergency Banking relief act were put into pl...
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