The Causes Of The Second World War

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The Causes Of The Second World War

In 1918 the Treaty of Versailles was signed. It marked the end of a 4

year war between the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria and Italy)

and the Triple Entente (France, Britain and Russia - The USA Later

joined).Germany had been forced to surrender! The leaders of France,


and USA created a peace treaty to ensure that there was no further

outbreak of war. The treaty of Versailles stated that Germany must

takeall responsibility for the war, the German military was to be


and conscription banned. All German colonies were given to the allies,

and Austria was forbidden to unite with Germany. Germany had to pay

£6600 million in reparations. The terms of the treaty were thought of

asunfair by many, if not all Germans. Woodrow Wilson (the American

president) believed that the terms were too harsh, but the British and

French citizens wanted to seek revenge. The treaty of Versailles was

one of the largest factors in causing the Second World War because it

sparked so much German hatred. Adolf Hitler had strong beliefs that

theTreaty of Versailles was unjust and had to be abolished.

The Wall Street Crash in 1929 was the start of a huge economic

depression. The American stock market collapsed taking the rest of the

world with it. Before this, the Weimar government in Germany had

solved it's financial problems by borrowing huge ammounts of money

from the USA, but after the Wall street Crash the USA not only stopped

lending Germany money, it demanded that all the loans were payed

back! Germany was plunged into a huge economic crisis. By 1931

millions of people were unemployed, and more Germans were beginningto

support Adolf Hitler's extreme ideas of anti-semitism and

anti-communism. As the German peole became increasingly desperate

the more realistic Hitler's views appeared to them. The financial


was an aspect that helped Hitler's rise to power, which in turn was a

cause of World War Two.

Hitler became a dictator in 1934, after the death of President
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