The Causes Of The Revolutionary War?

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By 1763, and Britain had successfully expelled their enemies and had become the dominant North American power. The following period would be the turning point towards American independence, for the war that Britain had won came at a high cost. Wiith a national debt that had nearly doubled during the war, Britain looked toward it’s American colonies to alleviate it’s money issues. Although the Revolutionary War is largely considered a political conflict caused by differences in how each nation wanted to govern, there are many underlying reasons why the colonists turned away from the British Empire and became American revolutionaries.
Before the war years, the practice of “salutary neglect” by the British, which was the policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary law in the American colonies, allowed local legislation within the colonies to develop and grow. While the thirteen colonies existed to benefit the Mother Country, no assertion of power meant that the colonists grew accustomed to ruling themselves. Due to the the physical isolation and independence from the empire a...