The Causes Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution can be seen as a beginning of new age. It was a disastrous event that changed the history. French Revolution went through a different steps and each event was influential moment. This huge movement started in 1789 and affected on various European countries and North America. The debate about the causes of the French Revolution will never ends. There are numbers of reasons why it has different interpretations. First reason is evidence, historical evidence sometimes has conflicts and it is snippy. Second reason is historian way of exploring the evidence; some do it through writings and others through paintings and sculptures. Last and important reason of debate about the causes of the French Revolution is political, economic and social influence on their opinion. This essay thus whishes to analyze more than ten different sources, why it has been a huge debate about historians and view the causes of the French Revolution. The conflicts on one social group over another, was the effect of transformation over society. We can make a pyramid of 18th century society, where the King was on top (the head of everything, because of the absolute monarchy regime). Court and Aristocracy were the privileged group and the wealthiest one after the king. Bourgeoisie - the middle class was divided into two following subgroups. The Traditional nobility- who had a privilege of occupying the main army posts, and the formerly wealthy one who had access to such positions as secretary or quartermasters to the Parliament. However, the low class - peasants were divided in many subgroups: the one that had land, the one that had farms, and the one that did not have anything. There are various causes of French Revolution; they could ... ... middle of paper ... ...time his leadership skills were wretched. Historians think that Louis was depressed, instead of meeting ministers solving the problem of starvation he was hunting and drinking. The French Revolution was a major revolution in the world history, it occurred in the most powerful, and populous nation in Europe at that time. No one could ever think that the monarchy was on the edge of collapse. Every historian is right in his/her arguments, but the truth is that every cause was influential. No one will, go with only one reason that caused the revolution. . Even today, historians will have debate on causes of the French Revolution. However, there is not only one cause of the French revolution. In fact, the collaboration of causes influences the creation of the revolution. It was a huge step forward creating a new political system, in other words creating the democracy.

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