The Causes Of The Cuban Missile Crisis And The Bay Of Pigs

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Cuban Missile Crisis and Bay of Pigs Essay
By Rudra Naik
The Cold War was a time in history when intense rivalry overcame two nations. The two sides were the Soviet Union and the United States. The Cold War was not a battle involving guns. It was more of a competition between two countries. Each side thought its political and economic systems were superior to the other. The U.S believed in democracy and wanted all countries to be democratic. The Soviet Union believed in communism and wanted all countries to be communists. The Bay of Pigs invasion was one battle in the Cold War. Fidel Castro the leader of Cuba was communist. The US did not want any communist countries in the Western Hemisphere. They attempted to overthrow him but failed. This attack was called the Bay of Pigs invasion. The whole intention of the invasion was to destroy communism in Cuba and put an end to Fidel Castro. A year later came the Cuban Missile Crisis this was the closest the world ever came to its own destruction. The Bay of Pigs invasion fiasco leads to Cuban missile crisis.
The main reason for the Bay of Pigs attack was because Cuba became communist. On February 16, 1959, Fidel Castro and his guerrilla warriors overthrew the old government led by Fulgencio Batista. Then Fidel Castro became the prime minister of Cuba. Castro and his men made a rapid move to change their political course. They became friends with the Soviet Union. These events upset the United States and there were concerns about Castro becoming too powerful. And the United States President Eisenhower made a plan to overthrow Castro and his government. President Eisenhower met with CIA to make a plan for this invasion. And on March 1960, Eisenhower approved the program. The CIA gathered ...

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...had another reason to have hatred on US. By this event Castro felt safer with the Soviet Union. Castro looked up to Soviet Union for help by this event. Soviet Union was helping them out by giving them resources. When US stop buying Cuba's resources, the Soviet Union help them out by buying those resources. So the Cuban and Castro felt safer to be with the Soviet Union. But Soviet Union was doing for their favor; they just didn't want to help a country out. They did this for their own favor so Cuba can be a communist country who is ninety miles away from America. Soviet Union is in favor of this since by using Cuba they could blow the US and kill everyone. And that’s what Soviet Union plan was to blow up US so in this world there would only be communism. So Soviet Union stated to put nuclear missile in Cuba. This missile could blow up entire US in any moment. The
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