The Causes Of The Cold War?

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654 words

The Cold War started due to animosity between the U.S. and the Soviet Union during World War II and only grew exponentially after the war. The two countries did not see eye to eye and “At the time Roosevelt and Stalin met at Yalta in the spring of 1945 you had two absolutely opposing views…Stalin felt that unless there were friendly governments around his border in Europe he would be as insecure as he was before and during World War II that was a nightmare he did not want to live through again, that absolutely clashed with the will of the United States.” (Superpowers Collide, n.d.) The initial impression that a democratic government, such as the U.S., and a communist government, such as the Soviet Union, could have a mutual relationship is naïve. The ideological beliefs of the U.S. wanting a free and democratic Europe to decide for itself and the Soviets wanting Europe to be state owned and under total control clashed. This “red scare”, or fear of communism, was not a new concept, as we have learned Americans trepidations of communism stretched back to pre-World War I time frame. Leading up to and following the Berlin crisis the Cold War escalated rapidly. Two contests pursued over the next three decades; one was against the spread of communism, known as containment, and the other was the arms race. The containment of communism was evident with measures in place to support parts of Europe and communist support in Korea and Vietnam resulted in military engagements. None was possibly more feared than the two races coming together directly in America’s backyard, Cuba. The spread of communism and the fear of a nuclear war came within 90 miles of American soil with “This urgent transformation of Cuba into an important strate...

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...n fact has the war done for freedom in America? It has led to even more vigorous governmental efforts to control information, manipulate the press and persuade the public…” (SDS Vietnam, 1965) The most out spoken of these protesters were that of the hippies, however, less radical citizens also felt the pressure from an expanding federal government.
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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the cold war started due to animosity between the u.s. and the soviet union during world war ii and only grew exponentially after the war.
  • Analyzes how the spread of communism and the fear of a nuclear war came within 90 miles of american soil. the u.s. could not act innocent and offended.
  • Explains that america was not isolated from the effects of the cold war at home, as the sacrifice of 95,160 american’s between the two controversial wars and the changes within the government to root out communist spies trickled down to civilians.
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