The Causes Of The Cold War

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654 words

The Cold War began after World War two leaving the United States and the Soviet Union two of the strongest allies fighting against the Axis. Even though they had a strong allied relationship, the two countries did not always agree on the same ideas. For example the United States did not agree how Soviet Union was a communist country under Joseph Stalin’s rule while they believed in capitalism. The United States had no take over the Soviet Power and was one of the strongest countries militarily at the time. The Soviet Union had grudges held against the United States, like not entering the war soon enough causing many of the Russian soldiers to die, which also added tension to their alliance. Their tensions in their alliance soon were cause of the Cold war. First, the United States feared that the Russians would try to take control and influence the popularity of communism to other countries. Next is that fear had become a reality when the Soviet Union aimed to increase communism control and spread it through out the world. The United States had developed the atomic bomb and dropped it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Soviet Union wanted to gain information. If the Soviet Union have had had the access then they could have used the atomic bomb to enforce the spread of communism. Also the Soviet Union expanded into countries after the war that would soon be introduced to communism and United States did not want communism to spread any father than it already had. The Soviet Union wanted to expand their borders in order to gain more protection. The two countries had completely opposite ideas of how to run and manage a country, which in return created chaos and was the core cause of the Cold War. The necessity of power was ...

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...their actions. The Soviet Union tried to spread Communism across the world and the United States intervened and created the Truman Doctrine where they stated that they would contain communism form spreading any further. The United States was trying to protect other countries from communist control. After World War II, the United States designed the Marshall plan in order to provide economic help to the Europe and Russia. However the Soviet Union declined their offer and did not accept the help that the United States had offered giving more tension to the two. Later stating that the United States did not offer enough help for the Soviet Union, when they actually did. America is also at fault for trying to interfere with the way the Stalin ran Russia. It was his choice to conform to communism over his people just like the United States decided on capitalism.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the cold war began after world war two leaving the united states and the soviet union fighting against the axis.
  • Describes the cold war as the alliance between the united states and the soviet union.
  • Explains that the soviet union and the united states were at fault for the cause of the war.
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