The Causes Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The attack on Pearl Harbor in “1941, December 7” had been a life changing event for the people who had witnesses the attack and the people who were in the attack. But the whole nation had felt the sadness, anger, and other feelings that came from the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the attack there had been key players that been important to the attack either generals or pilots from the Japanese side or from the U.S military. There had been warning signs that could have prevented the surprise of the U.S Navy troops but many had either been too late or had been ignored. Many lives had been taken that day from both sides of the fight, from civilians in Hawaii to Japanese, “2,403 people died, 183planes destroyed, and 8 ships damaged or destroyed” that was just from the American side many other died from the Japanese side. The “…7 out of the 8 ships had been in battleship row…” many people died on the ships. The ships that had been damaged or destroyed are”… the USS West Virginia…USS Oklahoma… the USS Arizona…USS California… USS Maryland…USS Tennessee…USS Nevada…”and all except the USS California had been in battleship row.
The people that had survived the attack had told of what it was like during the attack in such detail that nobody will forget that day. They told the story like it was yesterday, like they just can from the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. The different perspective of the attack could be seen as a success or a lost depending on the person who was there and experienced it. That day could never be forgotten like the 9/11 attacks that happen on November 9, 2001 so many emotions on that from the event that affected so many lives. Both of the attacks could be similar and different in some ways and could be view...

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...urprised they were when we came and left so fast. On December 7, 1941 it was a day for the Japanese to remember as a victory and a day to be proud.
What can we learn from the attack on Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attack? There many things that is similar and different in both attacks and we can use these two events to help learn from our mistakes in the future. From both of the attacks we now know that something unexpected could happen at any time any day. In the Pearl Harbor attack there had been warning signs that could have prevented the surprise of the attack and the total number of death of civilians and people all together. But in the 9/11 attack the moment that the planes have been taken the fate of the people was almost sealed. From these two events we learned that the security of the nation needs to be more prepared for what might happen in the future.
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