The Causes Of Suicide

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Suicide in today’s society is spoken about constantly but the causes of this act are not understood fully. The reasons for someone to commit suicide may seem different from case to case but when looked at with detail the causes are fairly similar. With suicide rates increasing in the world year after year with the reported number being “approximately 800,000” it is important for the public to understand why people commit suicide (Stanley 113). In order to help prevent suicide the people must learn the causes of suicide. Suicide is caused by complex factors that weigh differently in the final decision. These three factors can be categorized as biopsychosocial, environment, and sociocultural. Biopsychosocial is grouped up by biological, psychological,…show more content…
Someone’s lifestyle, exposure, and recent events play a major part in stress, which can lead to suicide. Stress and pressure in a person’s workforce is harmless to most people but to certain people this stress can possibly push someone to suicide. The overall healthiness of someone's life may increase the chance of being diagnosed with a disorder that certainly can cause suicide. A person with no risk of attempting suicide may begin to have suicidal thoughts if a recent event such as a death in the family occurs in a crucial part of someone's life. During sorrow humans are at a weak state in mind causing irrational thoughts and contemplation of suicide. Lastly exposure to abuse, drugs, and guns unquestionably increases the chances of suicide as the means of committing suicide are easier. When a gun is accessible a person does not have time to fully understand what action they are about to commit since a gun can be used at an instant and is lethal the majority of the time. Looking outside the household the culture where a person lives can lead to…show more content…
The three most important factors are isolation, religion, and culture. When someone begins to be isolated this may be due to the part they are not comfortable with themselves either with their sexuality preference or gender identity. Most commonly isolation is due to the fact someone feels hopeless and depressed. When beginning to be isolated we sense the feeling of hopelessness causing a person to think of suicide as the answer. Secondly religion can be above all factors as a person’s religion can induce someone to commit suicide or encourage it. For example the religion of Islam is exploited and used in order to conduct terrorist attacks. The terrorists indoctrinate a person to commit suicide and kill innocent people in the name of their religion. The origins of terrorism is considered “The 1983 suicide attack on the U.S embassy in Beirut is considered as the beginning of a modern era of terrorism by the contemporary researchers motivated by religious beliefs which are even fanatical, deadly and pervasive”(Urooj 92). This practice is rising with a “rise in the number of suicide attacks in the last decade”(Urooj 91). Lastly the culture a person lives in may increase the odds of suicide. If a person lives in an impoverished country where suicide is accepted then suicide may be accepted to end suffering. For other countries the wealth of the nation may not be a reason for suicide but rather the culture

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