The Causes Of Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep deprivation is a condition that many Americans may suffer due to, the hustle and bustle in our society; it has distressed the chronological order of sleep. The National Institute of Health, (NIH) suggests adults should have 7-9 hours of sleep daily. Sleep deprivation is a serious illness that has diverse side effect, with a wide-range of factor and triggers, and various treatments from extensive medical care to home remedies.
The importance of having a good night sleep is crucial, because it a basic function necessity of life. There for, just as the body needs time to rejuvenate, the function of the brain needs time to restore itself. A research was conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Centre showing that sleeps is
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For most, understanding the triggers associated with sleep deprivation, is important, which are a wide range of conditions. Common error is fighting against the natural internal “body clock”. The internal body clock is the repetitive rhythm in a 24hr cycle also called the “circadian rhythm”. If the internal clock is affected by signal from the individual environment producing losses the natural rhythm of sleep. Environmental factors or triggers consist of change of sleep schedule due to work, social responsibilities, jet lag, electronics, lighting, consumption of caffeine late at night, alcohol binging, eating heavily and smoking or use of illegal drugs. Sleep deprivation is linked to chronic health problems physically and mentally. These effects can deteriorate a person’s health, affecting the immune system…show more content…
First insomnia is the most common sleep deficiency and it divided in two different categories according to WebMD. The first category is primary insomnia which is asleep deficiency not associated with a health condition. The other category is associated with a health problem which is secondary insomnia. Next sleep apnea is a sleep disorder; distinguished by pauses of breath and swallowing breathing during sleep. Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding while asleep, presumably diagnosed in children; in severe cases it can deteriorate the enamel of teeth. Sleepwalking originates during deep sleep, more common in children than adults. Sleepwalking consists of sit up in bed, walking, and even hazardous acts. Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain, and currently there’s no cure for narcolepsy. Sleep Paralysis is bizarre sleep condition linked in extreme terror causing paralysis throughout the body. Sexsomnia (sleep sex) referring to abnormal behavior; people who commit sexual acts while they are asleep. Kleine-Levine syndrome and fatal familial insomnia are two rare conditions. Kleine-Levine syndrome is referred as sleeping