The Causes Of Down Syndrome

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Down syndrome can articulate various issues in people in the United States. Most Down syndrome people tend to look, talk and walk differently. Looking how Down syndrome is developed shows a miscue within the cells of the baby. The causes of Down syndrome and the effects it has on somebody and the final results on how Down syndrome works will explain the ups and downs of this disease. Several Down syndrome people have medical mishaps, social issues and development issues. “National Down syndrome society (NPSS) states that 1 in 700 babies in the United States are born with Down syndrome” (Health Line).The causes Down syndrome come from the parents; they carry their genes on to the child. “The genes are considered chromosomes, when the baby cell …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that most mothers do not take the test due to the risk of miscarriage.
  • Explains that students with down syndrome are continuing in high school, college, and careers but, since they have many medical complications, it can cause problems with them continuing their day to day lives.
  • Explains that down syndrome is not a handicap birth defect, though they are more reliant on family more than others. brain development is the source of the issue when it comes to many problems dealing with it.
  • Explains the causes of down syndrome, the effects it has on somebody, and the final results on how it works.
  • Explains that down syndrome people have the extra copies of chromosomes, so they don't have their parent's gene. they have flat face structure, short neck, bulging tongue, poor muscle tone and eyes that slant upward

The extra copy causes problems like not being able to speak properly and it affects the appearance as will. Most of the time, the reason Down syndrome develops is due to the parent’s genetic background. The malfunction with the chromosomes could possibly be genetic because, of family on either the mothers side or the dads side. Though Down syndrome did not go to the mother or father, there is a high chance it will fall on the child. A mother’s age will make the child have a high risk of Down syndrome as well. When a mother is thirty five years old and up, that is a risk for the baby to be born with Down syndrome. Age plays a big part in the conditions of the baby, simply because the mother is much older (Health …show more content…

The mother will need to be evaluated to make sure the baby will be fine before birth (Health Line). During the first trimester, one way to determine if the baby will have Down syndrome is through test (Health Line).”The tests have a higher false- positive rate than the test done later in pregnancy” (Health Line). Ultrasound and blood work can detect if the baby will be born with Down syndrome (Health Line). In the second trimester, having an ultrasound done can tell rather the baby will grow properly. Also, when having the ultrasound the mother can see if the spinal cord is growing correctly (Health Line). “The test is typically done around 15 and 20 weeks old” (Health Line). Most mothers rather not take the test due to the risk of miscarriage. “There are three different tests that can be done an Amniocentesis is one test, the doctor will take amniotic fluid to examine the number of chromosomes the babies has” (Health Line). “Chronic villus sampling the procedure the doctor will take cells from the placenta to analyze fetal chromosomes” (Health Line). The test can origin miscarriages; but only by one percent most mothers do not take the test due to the risk to the fetus (Health

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