The Causes And Uses Of The Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide was an event that happened in African history that will not be forgotten. Genocide by definition means the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. The Rwandan Genocide was the horrific slaughtering of the Tutsi’s by the Hutus in Rwanda, that occurred immediately after a plane was shot down and crashed, that resulted in the Rwandan’s president’s death. The Tutsi’s were now the blame for his death and the Hutus were now out to seek revenge. The sickening thought of portraying discrimination towards a certain group of people, in a sense of going into action for protection of their land and to obey commandment from their government officials; this was the way
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Everyone mentioned that they were raised learning how to use this tool, which was considered their essential tool for life, because they used this tool for everything. The machete was used as a weapon, because they were not able to afford the cost of purchasing guns and other weapons of defense. Repeatedly using this basic tool improved the skills and daily usage of it, making one better and better when performing the action of killing. However, the machete was just not a weapon used for killing. Women and men also used this instrument to its advantage for simple, daily tasks such as, chopping firewood, hacking vines, and slaughtering animals for food. Though they were mainly known for their ability to kill well, due to the fact that an estimate of 800,000 Tutsi’s was killed within days, many Hutus were timid and were not as good when they first began. As time progressed, other specialized Hutus helped assist with these individuals and improved their skills with the repetitive usage of this tool. Some still lacked the knowledge of how to use properly use the machete, but time granted them nothing but opportunity to sharpen their skills. While out for killing, some killed quickly while others slowly. Everyone had their own personal killing technique they used, as long as the task were

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