The Causes And Treatment Of Liver Disease

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One of my aunts back in Mexico suffers of Hepatitis A which affects her liver. I am unaware of what type but I do know that it is a very painful illness. My father has spoken to me of how my aunt is sometimes unable to do daily functions either because it is due to her illness or because of the medicine that she has to take which make her weaker than what she already is. Your liver is very important for the body in the process of digestion, since it helps to rid the body of toxins that enter it. There are many different forms of liver disease, some caused by viruses which would result in hepatitis A, hepatitis B or hepatitis C. The other type of Liver disease can be due to alcohol or drugs. If the liver forms scar tissue because of an illness, it 's called cirrhosis. Liver disease can be inherited or it could be cause by different reasons that damage the liver, examples would be alcohol or viruses. Obesity has been found to be associated to liver disease as well. Too much damage to the liver in time could cause cirrhosis, which is the scarring of the liver and it can cause liver failure a life threatening condition. Symptoms for liver disease include the skin and eyes appearing yellow, the swelling of the legs and of the ankles, tendency to bruise, chronic fatigue, and more. Liver disease is a very serious disease people need take caution and be aware of. Part 1 - Herbal and "natural” cures There are some herbal medicines that are said to be of good use in the treatment for liver disease. These herbal treatments can be found online for people to buy. According to Dhiman Krishan and Yogesh Chawla in Herbal Medicines for Liver, “This article reviews four commonly used herbal preparations: (1) Phyllanthus, (2) Silybum marianum (mi... ... middle of paper ... ...ohol ingestion stops.” For liver disease involving cancer a more aggressive approach is taken by the doctors and they usually involve surgery, chemoembolization, radio frequency ablation, alcohol ablation, liver transplant, and pain control for patients with advanced stages of liver cancer. According to the university of Chicago medicine, “Hepatologists team with University of Chicago oncologists, surgeons, interventional radiologists and other specialists to offer the most aggressive therapies to confront this challenging type of cancer. Additionally, specialized nurses, social workers and other members of the care team guide patients and their families from diagnosis through treatment.” Liver cancer is one of the more serious and aggressive forms of liver disease for this reason doctors are forced into having to take more aggressive treatments against it as well.

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