The Causes And Negative Effects Of Media Violence

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Media Violence

Nowadays, the rate of juvenile delinquency is increasing dramatically which cause by the violent media make negative influence on children, however, it can be prevent by some solutions. The violent media will make negative effects on children which is harmful for their physical and mental health, this issue is become more and more serious because the violent media are developed rapidly in society. Many people know children like those kind of violent media and easy to fall in love with it, so they promote more and more violent media to children. This essay will discuss the causes, effects and solutions of the violent media negative effects on children. The causes of this problem may be two reasons, first is nowadays
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Watching violent movie can lead to the viewer attack increases, about violent video games have come to the same conclusion. Researchers put 161 U.S. college students were randomly assigned to play 20 minutes of the game of pro-social games, one of the violent game and neutral. After the game researchers let the participants assigned to peer 11 jigsaw puzzle. Participants can choose from 30 puzzle which has easy, medium, and hard to 10 and tell participants, if they can complete at ten minutes to complete at least 10 of the 11 puzzle, company can win a $10 gift certificate. Participants can by assigning easy puzzles help partners, difficult puzzles to harm may be through distribution partners. Through a companion to participants choose the number of easy jigsaw puzzle number and difficult to evaluate helping behavior and damage behavior. The results showed that playing violent games were significantly more than the harm of peer behavior play pro-social games and neutral game participants. And the third is compassion fatigue, long exposure to violent media, will make people sympathize with lower degree. Bushman and Anderson, in an experiment to two groups of subjects were playing violent games and nonviolent games of 20 minutes. In the process of doing questionnaire, all participants…show more content…
First is government intervention, reduce the content of media violence. From the origin of the media to eliminate negative information, government should make legal view by relevant policies and laws and forcibly remove violence in the media. For example, the Sweden government has the media violence committee, on film, television, video, computer games and computer networks and other media for violence and show any negative effects to pay close attention. Second is Parents ' supervision and guidance, some parents complain that full control over what their children watch and do what is impossible. Although it is difficult to control the child 's media habits, but this does not mean to give up work. Ostrov’s Research shows that parents supervise children 's media usage, for example, restrictions on the use of time, to ensure that the media content health, can reduce a child 's aggression.(Ostrov,2009) Therefore, parents should actively take measures to minimize the influence of media violence on children. And the last but not least is Cognitive change towards violence. Due to the influence of media violence is growing, lack of the mind, right from wrong ability of children, if they are long-term exposure to violence in the media content, they will think that violence is widespread, violence is an effective strategy to solve the problem. Therefore, parents should tell children to limit their use of some type of

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