The Causes And Effects Of Tuberculosis (TB)

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What is Tuberculosis (TB)? Tuberculosis is an airborne bacterial infectious disease caused by bacteria/organism called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB is known to affect the lungs but can also affect other areas of the body such as kidney, spine and the brain. According the article Learn About Tuberculosis from the website American Lung Association, almost 2.5 billion people are infected with tuberculosis of which 9.6 million people worldwide have the active TB disease. Tuberculosis can be treated but if not, Tuberculosis can be fatal. TB is a very serious disease that needs medical attention and that is why people need to be informed about TB.
TB is spread from one person to another by air so it is acquired and not genetic but genetic factors are considered a way of entry for TB such as other genetic diseases that weaken the immune system. In the air are many germs that carry diseases one of which is TB. When a person with TB in
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TB impacts families in many ways including emotionally, physically and economically. The cost of taking care of sick individuals is frequently the task of other family members putting them at a greater risk of infection, lowering their productivity and income of the home continuing the cycle of poverty. According to the article The Economic Burden by the website Aeras, the cost of hospitalization for a patient with severe TB is estimated to cost an average $483,000 twice the cost of a MDR TB and in Europe alone the cost of treatment and productivity loss totals nearly $7 billion per year. Over the next 10-15 years to make TB vaccines available to the world would cost the US an estimate of $600million to $1 billion comparing to the cost of TB treatment that cost the US an estimated $8 billion a year. The cost of TB varies from country to country but nonetheless TB is still an economic burden on everyone
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