The Causes And Effects Of The Iranian Hostage Crisis

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November 4th, 1979 was a normal day for many people across the globe, however in Tehran, Iran a 444 day long journey had just begun for 60 plus Americans. Today this issue is better known as the Iranian Hostage Crisis. This plight started with the United States attempt to westernize Iran. Which resulted in severe backlash from Iran against the United States own citizens. This quickly became a crisis for the United States and a scurry to try and save American lives. Because of attempts to change Iran, the Iranians started to resent the United States for many reasons, which went beyond the 444 day long crisis. The crisis and the events that led up to it, still have lasting effects that create tensions between the two nations today. Through the…show more content…
The group of students claim that attack was carried out because of all of the prior years of US attempt of reform on Iran (Bryne). However, others claim that the attack was motivated by the US treatment of the Shah. These two motives were enough for the students to take their anger out on the people occupying the US Embassy. The government was not aware of the attack beforehand, however they did side with conspirators for political reasons, along with the people of Iran (Bryne). President Jimmy Carter did not let the Shah in because for political reasons, but for humanitarian reasons (Iran Crisis). Although President Carter had good intentions by doing this it unleashed a dislike toward Americans in the minds of of almost every Iranian (Iran Crisis). Underlying the attack on the United States Embassy were anti-American and anti-Carter…show more content…
To begin with President Carter immediately ordered for all imports from Iran to be stopped, and 8 million US dollars were frozen in Iran assets (Iran Hostage Crisis). This was an attempt to weaken the economic standpoint of Iran, in hopes to pressure them to give back the hostages. However, Iran went unphased from the economic sanctions placed on them by the United States and its allies (Britannica). Contrary to the United States short term effects, Iran faced significant long term conflicts regarding their global stance. As a request to free the hostages, Iran demanded for the assets to be unfrozen, immunity in all civil cases, and for the US to assure they will not to intervene with Iran’s culture or lifestyle in future affairs. Much to their liking, they closed a deal in which all three requests were meet (Iran Hostage Crisis). In the big picture Iran lost allies and ties to other countries around the world. However from the crisis, they upset the American people and their president, they were never forced to pay for the damages they had done. Because of this incident it left a bitterness between the two countries which still lingers
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